Our Programs


To provide information, resources, parenting education, career development, and emotional support to pregnant and/or parenting teens in order to empower all teens to reach their individual potential and become contributing members of a diverse community.

HBC- Teen Parent Assistance is a comprehensive program designed to help pregnant and/or parenting students successfully graduate from high school. It consists of 7 components designed to support teen so that they can complete high school.

  • Intake Assessment

  • Sex Education

  • Childbirth Education

  • Parent Education

  • Career Development

  • Personal Development

  • Referrals

The Houston Birthing Connection works through direct integration between community institutions, schools, including the hospitals where a teen parent chooses to receive medical care, the school she will graduate from, the college or technical program they will attend in the future, plus any other places where she receives social support, such as churches, counseling agencies, volunteer organizations, and other social groups, in order to provide a maximum amount of value and services to each teen parent.  Teen Parent Coordinators contact teen parents in need of the Houston Birthing Connection's support services through the local undeserved high schools, and help establish the relationship between the teen parent and the hospital helping to decrease the mortality rates with teen parents. Houston Birthing Connection provides a "Birthing Plan" plan for every teen parent. 

The Houston Birthing Connection does actively solicit donations, through all visitors who would like to contribute may do so via this website Paypal, CASH App or Zelle.  By maintaining strong relationships with the hospitals and schools, as well as generating word-of-mouth referrals from students' family and friends, the program will continue to stay active and adaptive.  


Overcoming Challenges, Reconnecting Youth and Life skills trainings we offer to all youth for FREE but ask for a donation to the Houston Birthing Connection. These curriculums will help empower a change in students' outlooks that will combat the cycle of hopelessness, depression, and neglect that often accompanies unplanned pregnancies, leading to a healthier, more connected community.  The program's primary short term goal is to empower and encourage every student to complete their high school diploma or GED.  This accomplishment is a concrete step towards better careers, increased senses of self-worth, and a healthier, productive life.  We offer these classes online, once a week in 50 minute sessions. All  fundraising classes are to generate the capital needed to finance support of this HBC charity to bring support/services to the teen parents. Other fundraising tools offered to generate funds are Self Care Retreats, The ESTY Fundraising online store and Christian Counseling. The Houston Birthing Connection's long-term goals include the establishment of a child care center and charter school, to provide students with a sanctuary to focus on educating, parenting skills and career development goals.  We hope that the investment we make in these individuals – helping them overcome their setbacks, encouraging of their self-worth, and preparing them for a successful future by escaping poverty with their new born baby, will manifest a new positive mindset, and creating an self sufficientindependent working citizen.