Meet Tieasha Waddy

Christian Counselor,  Positive Action Instructor,  Life Skills Instructor, Doula, Child Birth Educator, Licensed Massage Therapist


My name is Tieasha James, a Youth Advocate for  at-risk Tweens and Teens. I believe in constructing unwavering faith in God. In 2009, I founded Houston Birthing Connection pregnancy assistance program because I know firsthand the uncertainties and humiliation these young teens are subjected.  They also experience feeling of isolation and being unsupported and unsure of where and how to access resources.  I experienced teenage pregnancy in my Senior year of high school. Due to peer pressures and indulging in uninformed choices, I believe some teenagers are misguided and some are unaware of the effects of poor choices. I truly feel the pain of these teen parents so I was inspired to help them. By putting my faith and trust in God, I took myself on a journey to developing this organization to help empower and equip all teen expectant parents.

I was inspired to build a unique program for all teens, catching the teens before they make a choice with a negative outcome. I believe we must teach these adolescents how to live a joyous and fulfilling life, that one can achieve by following the right path by making good choices. Our programs brings education, knowledge, skills and happiness to the lives of not only these teenagers but also their parents. In a world, where the media is leading our youth to a mindset full of drugs, sex, and crime, we must teach our children that morals, character and values help them distinguish between right and wrong. This assistance must come from family, church, educational training, psychological help and support from our community which shows them that they are not alone in their time of uncertainty.

By providing an educational programs, we can educate our at-risk teens about the dangers of participating in sexual activities, gang, drugs, alcohol,, bulling and other negative activities.  It creates dysfunctional and unhappy households, which could lead to a school to prison pipeline, poverty and homelessness, plus an increase in broken family homes in the future. By giving these impressionable minds the right way, they will disrupt these pipelines by choosing the path that will lead to productive working citizens and lifetime of happiness and fulfillment.

What make this organization so unique, is that we believe that no teen should  left behind. This education and knowledge taught will create a more responsible student and/or teen parent of the future. Our goal is to empower each individual to be an upstanding self aware members of the society, that is self sufficient and independent. ​​ I love being a leader in the community, helping to guide our youth in a positive direction, along side their parents, family, church and other community leaders.


Tieasha Waddy, CEO